Are You Missing Out On Sales? Why Window Sign Decals Matter

window sign decalsHow impactful can something as simple and small as window sign decals be for your business marketing? We have a saying that tells us life in is in the little things. Well, this applies to your business too. Every little thing, every little detail can add up to a big deal. Window sign decals may seem like a little thing to add sales oomph to your business’ profit margin, but when done right they can be an effective addition to your integrated marketing plan.

Here’s how window sign decals benefit your business marketing:


Window sign decals do more than just stick to your window; they draw attention. Drawing attention draws notice-ability, which draws interest, which in turn, draws sales. Foot traffic and street traffic both notice what stands out; fun colorful and inviting windows are something we all notice.


What do you notice first about a person when meeting them or seeing them for the first time? Their face, right? It sounds cliché but it is true. Your windows are the eyes of your business and people do see them. Don’t let the eyes of your business be a wasted space. You really can maximize them for colorful inviting advertising with window sign decals.

Long Term Advertising

Unlike having something painted on your windows, window sign decals are applied and can be left for as long as you like, enhancing your advertising invitations to potential customers. You spend a little now to save a lot later, which puts the money where it needs to be, in your profit pocket.


Advertising by utilizing window sign decals gives you the freedom to express your business’ personality while you advertise. When you use window sign decals, you are marketing your specific brand and its personality; so, it is a little different than the general field of advertising. You can really bring out and make your logo, color scheme, and business personality shine out to the world like an advertising beacon.


Any big business can tell you, one of the primary keys to success is recognition, more specifically, brand recognition. The only way to get recognized is to get attention. People have to be exposed to something in an attention grabbing way several times before they remember it on demand. When you utilize your windows for attention, you increase your attention grabbing ability several times over. People will begin to recognize and remember your business because you have finally fully obtained their attention.

The truth of the matter is, without window sign decals, your business has its eyes closed. Consider what could happen if you open the eyes and embraced a colorful and profitable world full of possibilities.

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