What’s the Real Benefit of Truck Window Decals?

truck window decalsWhen it comes to truck window decals, the business value may not be readily apparent. Sure, they’re one of the most common ways for small businesses to advertise‚Ķ but do they really add value and drive traffic? The short answer is yes.

Four reasons truck window decals are a fantastic investment for any small business owner.

Reason #1: Affordability

When we talk about affordability, we don’t mean cheap. Rather, a small business owner should examine the bottom line benefits (called the return) on the marketing dollars they’ve invested. The business term for this is known as the ROI or return on investment. Because truck window decals and stickers are relatively inexpensive, each customer you get is acquired at an increasingly lower cost. The result is the number of people who see your advertising is quite high, while the cost of creating it is quite low. It’s a high ROI for any small business, and the cost-per-customer continues to go down over time.

Reason #2: Number of Public Impressions

We touched on this in the previous paragraph, but window decals are a highly visible form of advertising. When you place a sticker on your truck window, and then drive your truck around the city, you have the opportunity to create thousands of impressions with potential customers. In fact, in many major cities, that number can rise to tens of thousands. When you think about other forms of advertising most small businesses can afford, there are few with the same breadth and reach created in such a short amount of time.

Reason #3: It’s Not Permanent

The third reason we’re discussing here may not be immediately intuitive. In fact, most people believe permanent signage is well worth the investment. And in some cases, they’re correct. However, there are some situations in which you may want to display signage on your truck in a nonpermanent fashion.

Examples include displays of sales, limited time offers, and advertising for upcoming events. In fact, anything with an expiration date is an ideal candidate. Since we’ve already established truck window decals are an affordable option that garners a high number of impressions, doesn’t it make sense to advertise your next big event in the most efficient way possible? Window decals make it easy to do, and they are simple to swap out after your event has ended.

Reason #4: It’s Flexible

Different types of signage often have very specific form factors. However, truck window decals can take on any shape, size, color, or image. Given the technology inside today’s modern printers, it’s entirely possible to print large, bold graphics on a fully removable custom decal. The possibilities for creating decals with custom branding, or other imagery, are endless. And it makes it easy to design a graphic which clearly illustrates your business’s expertise at a glance.

In Need of Custom Truck Window Decals for Small Business?

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