I’m Tired of My Same Old Boring Walls. What Are Some Eco Friendly Wall Art Options?

wall art optionsIf you are tired of the same old thing for your walls, but also want something eco-friendly, there are great wall mural or wall art options made with eco solvent inks. Still self adhesive, still brilliantly colored, still available in different shapes and sizes, and still able to transform any wall into a beautiful work of art, eco solvent made wall murals are non-toxic, water based, and completely safe in any setting; including hospitals and nurseries.

One of the nice things about a wall mural is that you can let your imagination go and come up with something that is just right for your home and business. Whether you want to hire an artist to custom-make your wall art or want to create it yourself, it is possible to transform this art from paper into a full-color wall mural that will grab the attention and interest from visitors to your home or business.

Some important factors to consider when it comes to wall art and wall murals are:


Whether it is in your home or your business, you can create whatever kind of environment you choose. Create a relaxing and calming room in your home to chill or you can create an energized motivational room for fitness or productivity. At the office, you can create an environment to motivate employees or encourage customers. Your wall art can set the tone whatever you choose!


The sky is the limit with your creativity for the wall art or wall mural. If you’ve been searching through stores and online shops hoping to find the right wall art but just keep finding yourself dissatisfied with the options, this could be your answer.


If you need to utilize a room for a specific purpose, you can choose your wall mural to instantly convey what you want. Imagine being able to set the tone or feel of the room as soon as someone steps through the doors.

If this is sounding better and better to you, there are a few things you should know about wall murals and wall art. In fact, there are two primary wall art options to consider when it comes to utilizing wall murals and wall art for your walls:


  1. Wall art with laminated, self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper that is very sturdy in addition to being blemish and moisture resistant. This option usually has a warranty of five years.
  2. Wall art as paper backed wallpaper that is digitally-printed. This option offers a more textured and conventional look.

While you have these wall art options, both will provide digitally-printed realistic pictures and images. You just have to decide which one works best for you and your goals and purposes. If you know you want wall art or a wall mural, but still aren’t sure what is right for your home or business, the pros at Green Light Graphics are happy to help you. Contact our team today by calling (404) 857-5790 to get a quote for your next wall art and wall murals.