What Can Vinyl Vehicle Wraps Do for My Business?

vinyl vehicle wrapsWe’ve all seen several vehicles taking advantage of vinyl vehicle wraps during the course of an average day. It’s hard to miss the brilliant, bold, and energetic colors wrapping buses, trucks, vans, and cars.  The wraps are zooming here and there with their bright eye-catching advertisements drawing our attention.

If you’re considering an advertising vehicle wrap, it helps to know the modern age of technology has literally transformed the methods as well as the costs of utilizing your vehicle of choice for advertising purposes. This form of marketing and advertising is a phenomenal way to expand your business by simply becoming a moving billboard.

We have our own personal experiences from our own customers to prove a vinyl vehicle wrap is a wise investment. For example, one of our customers received a call within 48 hours as a result of one of our wraps. That’s proof enough for us!

 Vinyl vehicle wraps do quite a bit for your business advertising.

These facts will convince you that vinyl vehicle wraps are the best for your business:

  • The Interstate Advertising Corporation estimates that 74% of drivers have a positive impact by what they see advertised on the vehicles around them.
  • The American Trucking Association suggests advertisements seen on vehicles in traffic produce over 600 observed influences for each mile traveled.
  • The quality of vinyl wraps has improved so much over the years; wraps often look like paint jobs.
  • Among various forms of advertising, car wrapping is among the most affordable methods of advertising for wide range advertising purposes.
  • According to a recent statistic, 95% of Americans have acknowledged receiving a positive impression from a mobile marketing campaign. 95% of Americans see advertising vehicle wraps on sidewalks and when exposed to traffic, moving or otherwise.
  • On average, 30% of people who are exposed to vehicles with wrap advertising admit that these advertisements lead them to making purchases based on what they’ve seen. Because vinyl vehicle wraps are typically considered separate from traditional pushy and “salesy” advertising, people (i.e. your customers) find them more appealing.

The average person needs to see something seven times before memory recall is reliable.  This means repeatedly seeing a moving billboard works.  On the average day, a vehicle wrap has the potential to make an average of 20,000 impressions–based on Atlanta’s population.  This is because you can literally advertise your business 24 hours a day, depending on where you travel or simply park your wrapped vehicle!

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