Advice For Business Owners On The Verge Of Getting Vinyl Truck Wraps

vinyl truck wrapsVinyl truck wraps are a good investment for business owners. Regardless of whether or not you are installing a wrap for the first time or simply rejuvenating a dated design, there are some things for you to consider first. Your truck is about to become a moving billboard. So, ensuring you have the very best and most effective vinyl truck wraps possible will be well worth the effort.

Plan ahead for your vinyl truck wraps with these helpful suggestions:

Wrapping is powerful marketing, so keep this in mind throughout the production process.

All marketing, regardless of its form, is sending a very specific message or statement about a business. When considering vinyl truck wraps, carefully think about what kind of message you want to send for your business. Then, brainstorm the best way to get that message across through words or images.

Be quick about it!

As with all billboards (moving or otherwise), you will need to remember how much time the people seeing your vinyl truck wraps will have to absorb your marketing message. Keep the message simple. However, make sure to include enough info so people know it is your business on that wrap!

Just because it is simple doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

As with any advertising, eye-catching design is always a good component. Take time to think about what kind of colors and graphics would work well with your business message and brand. Next, choose a style that will attract the most attention. After all, you’re going to be seen by hundreds, if not thousands, of eyes. Make the most of it!

Wrapping is tangible branding.

Think about what kind of brand your business is and apply this concept to your real life brand, a.k.a. wrap. For example, Pepsi has three specific pieces to its brand that makes it recognizable all over the world: its logo, its specific never-changing colors, and its font. The less complicated a brand is, the more it will catch on and stick in the minds of your customers. Try the rule of three (three things that define your company) and apply them to your wrap’s “brand.”

When wrapping a vehicle, it is an all-in “go big or go home” visual marketing trick that sells it and catches people’s attention.

It’s possible to purchase graphics for your truck that only cover a small portion of your vehicle; these are considered partial wraps, not full wraps. However, to get the most bang for your buck, it’s a great idea to go all out and wrap your entire vehicle. Think about it—which will you notice the most: a trucked wrapped 100% with colorful graphics and a strong message, or a small, sign-like wrap?

It is also good to remember that wraps, even full vinyl truck wraps, don’t generally take very long to apply. This means taking some time now to plan ahead to get the right message and graphics lined up isn’t going to affect how soon you’re able to get on the road with your great new approach to marketing. Get a good idea, then, call Green Light Graphics and Signs at 404-857-5790 to get a quote for your next vinyl truck wraps.