5 Crazy But True Facts About Vinyl Banners Sizes

vinyl banners sizesVinyl banner sizes vary and are something to seriously think about if you are striving to promote your business. If you’ve had anything to do with business, events, or walking around in the modern world, odds are, you’ve seen or used a vinyl banner. Vinyl banners can be a powerful asset to your marketing arsenal.

Check out these 5 crazy but true facts about vinyl banners sizes:

1. King Kong Banners – The Biggest of the Vinyl Banners Sizes!

Vinyl banners can be made large enough to beat their chest as they cover the entire side of a building! They are often printed on a mesh-like material so wind can move through them rather than against them.

2. Ant-Man Banners

Vinyl banners can also come in some pretty small packages; the average smallish size is about down to the size of a cereal box. But you know what they say about dynamite coming in small packages—just because a sign is small, doesn’t mean it can’t pull its weight. It can still make a big positive impression on your target market when it has the right message.

3. Weighty Lightweight Wonders

A common assumption is the material is all the same, but because of the sizes, the weights of the banner materials vary. The nice thing about vinyl banners though, while some banners may fit over the side of a building, they aren’t going to weigh as much as the building!

4. Lettering Lift

While we’re usually all about balance, a surprising thing about vinyl banners and their sizes are you can put literally any lettering or design on it and in any size. Got a gym? You can make a banner look realistically fit with a fit gym rat doing something gym-tastic with smaller lettering making a big point. It doesn’t matter what size it is. If you can think it, odds are, a banner can ink it.

5. Banners Like to Move it-Move it

A misconception that some people have about banners, especially those larger in size, is they are like pictures hung in your grandma’s house—once they are hung, that is where they are to stay. Wrong! Even the biggest of banners can be moved, switched, and put up for later use at any time. They are never permanent unless you want them to be. Banner sizes have nothing to do with their mobility.

The thing to remember about vinyl banners, especially in regards to your business marketing, is to choose the right size to meet your unique purposes. If you are unsure about the best banner, you can always get some expert advice from our friendly professionals at Green Light Graphics and Signs. Call us today at 404-857-5790 to get a quote or learn more about vinyl banners sizes.