What Vehicle Wrap Installers Want You To Know Before The Wrap Process Begins

vehicle wrap installersHave you ever wondered what vehicle wrap installers have to do in order to successfully transform a car into a mobile advertising powerhouse? Sure, you know a vehicle wrap can garner thousands of impressions and build-up your brand’s awareness. But how does your car go from factory standard to mind-blowingly brand-centric?

Well, the professional vehicle wrap installers here at Green Light Graphics have broken down the process for you. We’re giving you a peek behind the curtain, so you know what all goes into the creation of a successful wrap design, and why it might take a little more time and effort than more traditional signage.

Vehicle Wrap Installers Create the Digital Design

Vehicle wrap installers create the car wrap designs on the computer, at a fraction of the size and scale of the actual car. The reason has to do with the size of the digital files; they’re huge. This makes sense when you put it in context, though. Think about the size of a file for, say, a flyer. It’s a single page of design graphics, and it’s still several MBs in size. Now think of the size of a car. If we stayed at a 1:1 design ratio, the size would become impossible to manage.

The Customer Approves the Artwork

Once the design has been created and reviewed, we’ll ask you for final approval. There may be a couple of rounds to fine tune the initial design prior to approval; this is normal. We want to make sure we get everything right, and ensure your satisfaction with the finished product. You’ll receive files and mockups of the car from a variety of angles, so you know exactly what it will look like in the end. And we’ll take you through the production proofing process, where you will get a chance to review the actual size, printed colors, finishes and so forth.

The Approved Design is Printed

After we have your approval, we go to print. Our vehicle wrap installers use a heat-sensitive, adhesive backed vinyl, and print it out in rolls. This is because it’s almost impossible to print an entire car’s graphic in a single piece. Plus, given the various configurations and body styles of different cars, the ability to apply it in sections ensures a perfect application every time.

Pre-Installation Cleaning

You will need to have the car exterior as clean as possible. We recommend a non-waxing car wash to ensure the surface is free from dust and dirt. If the car isn’t clean, the vinyl won’t adhere well, and may appear bumpy. Wash it 24 hours in advance, then leave it indoors, and it should be dry and ready for application the following day.

Installation of Wrap by Vehicle Wrap Installers

When our vehicle wrap installers arrive, they will prep the vehicle by wiping it down. This should remove any small particulates or residual soap from the car’s surface.

Typically, installation takes seven to nine hours, although larger vehicles can take longer. The installation should be completed indoors, if possible. If you don’t have a suitable location, we can apply it here at our local installation facility.

Customer Drives Off in Style!

Once completed, you can drive your car immediately. Get ready to cause whiplash from all those turning heads.

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