Why Are Your Work Vehicles Still Unwrapped?

vehicle wrap advertisingAs a business owner you may not spend a lot of time considering vehicle wrap advertising.  However, typically one of the top things on a business owner’s mind is advertising in general. Wondering the most effective and cost effective way to reach your prospects? Sure, there may be different advertising options that can bring in the customers, but we believe few are as effective as vehicle wrap advertising.

There are many levels to this kind of advertising—from turning your vehicle into movable, eye-catching advertising canvas to a marketing expense come tax season to a cha-ching moment with your marketing budget. As you consider a vehicle wrap as compared to other more traditional advertising methods like billboards or newspaper advertisements, it might help to crunch a few numbers.

Comparing Vehicle Wrap Advertising & Other Forms of Advertising

Billboards:  They are expensive. You’ll need first to rent the space, and then pay more for the advertising. Advertising vehicle wraps are significantly lower in cost with zero renting expense.

Newspapers and Magazines:  You have one shot to catch attention before the page is turned. Then, you have no way of knowing for sure your message has truly been delivered.  Most paper ads only run for a few weeks at a time. The average time expected for a vehicle wrap to last is five years; that’s a pretty serious long-term bonus for your marketing budget.

Company Vehicle: It’s not going to take much to add the advertising wrap into your car payment/insurance budget. In fact, it will likely be less than $100, which should be easy to come up with considering all the money saved in not throwing your money at a billboard or a newspaper/magazine. A one-time investment will also last a minimum of five years.

Company Vehicle: You can make your budget stretch further than ever. If you’ve never priced an advertising vehicle wrap, you’ll be pleased to see that you could probably get MULTIPLE vehicles wrapped with what you are spending on your other methods of advertising like billboards and paper ads.

Ideas for Maximizing Vehicle Wraps in Advertising

• Do you own a business that deals with pets? Consider what it would do for your business if you brought your vehicle to pet parades, dog parks, or events pertaining to pets or animals.

• Do you own a business that deals with the home? What would parking your vehicle at the local home improvement store do? Or perhaps taking it to the next home improvement tradeshow?

The ideas and opportunities are endless. Anywhere you drive around town, you will be promoting your brand with a vehicle advertising wrap.

In a nutshell, the question isn’t really “Why are vehicle advertising wraps better?” but rather “Why aren’t I already using one?” If you’re ready to take your advertising to the next level in a budget-friendly way, call Green Light Graphics and Signs at 404-857-5790 to get a quote for your next vehicle wrap advertising.