How the Right Vehicle Advertising Wrap Could Change Your Business for the Better

vehicle advertising wrapHave you been wondering about the effectiveness of a vehicle advertising wrap? You’ve probably seen versions all over town, highlighting services from construction to plumbing to custom cupcakes. But are they really worth the money?
In short: YES!

Statistics on the Effectiveness of  a Vehicle Advertising Wrap

As the designer and installer of vehicle wraps, we are certainly biased when we say things like, “Vehicle wraps are pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. Maybe even better.” That’s why we’ve rounded up a few interesting statistics from around the web to help educate you on the impact of vehicle advertising. And, we’ll let you draw your own conclusions…

• First of all, the Interstate Advertising Corporation estimates that as many as 74% of passing motorists are positively influenced by vehicle advertising.

• Secondly, the American Trucking Association says vehicle advertisements can generate as many as 600 impressions for every mile driven (depending on location, speed, and traffic patterns).

• Furthermore, vehicle advertising has one of the highest returns on investment from a cost-per-impression basis (calculated by dividing the total cost of the wrap itself by the estimated number of impressions garnered in its lifetime).

• Finally, wraps offer a relatively inexpensive way to advertise sales, offers, or other temporary information. It’s definitely cheaper than the custom paint jobs of the 80’s and 90’s!

So, You Went Ahead and Got Your Vehicle Wrapped….But It Sucks

While vehicle advertising wraps can be an extremely effective advertising tool, they only work when done well. So, here are four signs your vehicle wrap has some room for improvement:

1. It’s patchy. The curved and rounded shapes of many vehicles can pose some challenges, especially to inexperienced installers. To get around it, many will chop up the wrap into several pieces, overlapping the vinyl in unattractive ways that leave visible seams.

2. It’s peeling. Is a vehicle advertising wrap permanent? No. But if you’re only a month into a new wrap and the edges are peeling, the installers likely didn’t do a thorough job cleaning the car off first. If the installation has seen a few years of hard wear (or it passed through a tornado), then it’s more likely a sign of good old wear and tear.

3. It’s creased. Have you ever tried wrapping a present with an extra-long piece of tape? And no matter what you do, the tape adheres to itself and ends up leaving a crease? Well, sloppy vehicle wraps suffer from the same problem. Your wrap should be flat and smooth with no wrinkles in sight.

4. It’s ugly. Even if the installation went off without a hitch, some installers don’t have great design skills. The result can be a graphic ill suited to the vehicle it was designed for, or signage with information that’s impossible to read.

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