Thinking about Van Vinyl Lettering? 5 Reasons Why it’s Time to Take the Plunge

van vinyl letteringIf you have a business that uses a van, then you really should consider van vinyl lettering. When it comes to marketing, vehicle graphics are a dream come true because they are the perfect transportable promotion tool for your business. How, you may ask? Well, read on to see the five top reasons why you need to dive in and take this awesome advertising plunge.

1. Total Recall

The average person needs to see something at least seven times to recall it properly. Without a doubt, they need to see it more than once. In short, people remember what they see often. If you have a message to share with the world, the more often you can share it with them, the more likely they are to remember you and choose you when your business offers what they need—whether it is product or service.

2. Cheap (Marketing) Date

If you are in business, then you know marketing falls into the category known as “you have to spend money to make money.” But thanks to van vinyl lettering, the marketing doesn’t have to break the bank. Check this out—vinyl lettering has one of the lowest costs for advertising on a grand scale compared to… practically everything on this kind of advertising scale! It is quick, simple, and cost effective to have your business information and advertising artfully applied to your van, instantly upgrading your van and business without downgrading your bank account.

3. Switch It Up

While it may look like a sweet tattoo, van vinyl lettering does not have to be permanent. It can be removed by a professional without damaging your van at all. Then, you can update your look, marketing, and promotion for your business again… and again… and again!

4. Keep Your Options Open

In addition to all the above, van vinyl lettering is so not your grandpa’s vinyl lettering. In today’s modern age, you have more options than you can imagine as far as color, font, effects, accents, and what a graphic professional can do for you. Bring in your idea, logo, or design, and you will likely never come across a “Dude, I can’t do that” response. More like, “Sweet, let’s do it!”

5. Footloose and Fancy Free

One of the very best things about van vinyl lettering is that while you roll merrily along going about your business, you have the potential to have significantly less pounding of the promotional pavement. People will see your van; they will see what your business can do for them, and they will see it often. We have customers who have received calls within 48 hours (yes, a mere 2 days) after getting their vehicle a little graphic marketing TLC with vinyl magic.

There you have it, five easy and convincing reasons to take the plunge and rock your business with van vinyl lettering. You have everything to gain by this type of business promotion; so, what are you waiting for? Call Green Light Graphics and Signs at (404) 857-5790 to get a quote for your next van vinyl lettering project.