Are Rear Window Graphics Just for Direct Sales? No! And Here’s Why

rear-window-graphicsContrary to popular belief, rear window graphics are not just for direct sales or for any specific business type. While they are an excellent way to market a direct sales business, they work just as well for HVAC companies, dentists, health food markets, or hairstylists…the list goes on and on!

Rear window graphics are a win-win for business trying to get the word out about their products and services. They make you look cool, relevant and creative while helping others to know exactly what it is you do. Many people are also using rear window graphics for personal reasons—just because they look great.

Practically speaking, rear window graphics are a piece of vinyl that is half vinyl and half holes. They can come in nearly any design you can imagine and fit most any vehicle. They can also be removed just as easily as they are applied. In fact, the only tools required is an extra set of hands!

Curious about the hot (and cool!) benefits of rear window graphics? Okay, here’s the scoop:


Rear window graphics are nice because while you can see quite clearly out the back of your vehicle, it is tough for the onlooker to peek in on you.

Rear Window Graphics Add That “Cool Factor”

Because of their placement, rear window graphics have the ability to reduce the heat inside your vehicle, which not only keeps you cooler, but the blocked out sun also protects against upholstery fading.


Ever have one of “those days” where your mind is just always somewhere else? You walk out of a building and… forgot where you parked your car? Look for the tricked out rear window and bingo, you’ve found your proverbial Waldo. Additionally, let’s say if you were to be using the rear window graphic to help promote your business, how many people do you think just saw your graphic coolness while you were inside?


Nothing is so hot right now as to express yourself and show off a bit of yourself in every way you can. Or express something that is important to you, like a memorial or a piece of your roots. You can be fun and zany or serious and meaningful; or perhaps somewhere in the middle. Our cars can be like our home away from home and many people are acknowledging and appreciating that through rear window graphics.

Some important things to remember once you have your rear window graphics is the after-care:

  • Avoid the carwash for at least a week to fully allow the adhesive materials to bond to your car.
  • Once you do wash your car, make sure the water is being sprayed at least 10 inches away from your graphic.

So, what are you waiting for? Put a cape on the back of your car and rock your wheels and your business. Call Green Light Graphics and Signs at 404-857-5790 to get a quote for your rear window graphics.