Do You Have a Professional Lobby Sign? The 3 Surprising Benefits of the Right Signage

professional lobby signThe purpose of a professional lobby sign is to boost the recognition of your business for people who enter your doors, while promoting your brand and giving a great first impression. If you have a lobby sign that falls into the category of “bland and boring,” then you need to step it up and seek out a better, more memorable lobby sign that helps you to effectively promote your business’s brand.

The top 3 reasons you need a better professional lobby sign to take your biz to the next level are:

1. Color Creates Appeal

It is a fact that humans love color, but it has to be just right. Consider how a bright red hibiscus flower in the jungle is much more appreciated against all that green than if it were hidden in a field of red roses. Use a good pop of color to catch some eyes. Be aware of your color choices though so you can achieve the desired results.

For example, if a sign has too many different colors, the color is all people will see and they will miss the message. If it has too little, people will glance at it when they enter but not commit to really noticing anything else about it.

Have the right color balance with eye-appealing, welcoming hues, and people will be more apt to really look and appreciate your sign. Why is this a good thing, you ask? Because they will be more likely to remember the sign, which means they will be more likely to remember your business!

2. Make a Statement that Sticks

An understated lobby sign that lacks inspiration is an unmemorable sign. Think about it, people see over a hundred business signs a day in many different forms. Make a statement, be liked, and be remembered. Be bold with the lettering, colors and message to create the most memorable statement that will burn into the minds of people who enter your doors.

3. Give Just Enough Information

Too much information on a sign overloads the few seconds people will take to look at your sign. Take a look at your current sign; if you can’t absorb 90% of it entirely (color, statement, message, etc.) in “One Mississippi” through “Three Mississippi,” you need an info overhaul. Keeping the information and wording on your sign catchy, but in as few as words as possible, will create intrigue and make the viewers want to learn more.

When it comes to your professional lobby sign, you now have three good reasons to make it as memorable and effective as it can be. The “same ole same ole” sign will keep your business the “same ole same ole” business, but the sky’s the limit when you have the right signage to greet prospects and customers. Call Green Light Graphics and Signs at (404) 857-5790 to get a quote for your next professional lobby sign.