Personalized Window Graphics That Scream “I Need That Product Now”

personalized window graphicsYou’ve probably walked by personalized window graphics at one time or another and been struck by its impact, its size, its scale, and the complexity of the imagery. It all combines to make a store feel premium, high-end, and legitimate. Yes, when it comes to making a bold statement about your business, large-scale personalized window graphics are hard to beat.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The saying may be trite, but it’s true. According to psychological studies, we have trained our brains to pick apart and analyze the written word and its context. We evaluate the truth of the words we are reading through our filter of knowledge and experience. Heck, even the spoken word is subject to specificity. When was the last time you watched a pharmaceutical commercial? Remember all those disclaimers and side effects?

Pictures, on the other hand, are seen as inherently true. Even in a day and age in which Photoshop is extensively used (and acknowledged), our brains “have to see it to believe it.” The power of an image is undeniable. Now imagine that same image spread across the giant canvas of your front window space. Mind. Blown.

A Few Types of Personalized Window Graphics to Consider

Seasonal. Draw on holiday and seasonal imagery to spark your prospective customers’ imaginations. Imagery invoking a specific feeling is especially powerful as personalized window graphics.

Illustrative. Think about it this way: would people be more likely to make a purchase if your graphic sign simply read ‘Cake’ or would they be more compelled by an artful image of a beautifully decorated wedding cake? Or perhaps a buffet of unique cupcakes? You get what we’re saying. Also, we really like cake.

Aspirational. This one is especially true if you focus on lifestyle products or services. Think young, fit yoga devotees, or alpine skiers carving a perfect track down a remote, pristine mountain. Even exotic locations, seemingly begging for you to mar the smooth sand with your footprints. All of these convey the penultimate goal of lifestyle brands and services.

Artistic and/or graphic. This is probably the most difficult to achieve, but also the most striking. It’s the type of piece that stands out, and often speaks to more than just your audience. However, application of this type of graphic is highly industry specific. Would you install something like this on an HVAC company’s front window? Maybe not.

Still unsure whether personalized window graphics are right for you? Don’t worry! We offer in-house design assistance, and none of our graphics are permanent. You can even test the efficacy of two different installations! Just measure your store traffic, sales, and customer response during the time you have each of them up. Easy!

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