What Can a Marketing Vehicle Wrap Do for Your Small Business?

marketing vehicle wrapEvery small business is looking for a way to make a big impact on the competition. As a result, a lot these businesses are cashing in on a marketing vehicle wrap. Let’s face it, not many small businesses can afford to put up a billboard on every corner or sky write their contact information over everyone’s yard. Marketing vehicle wraps are a clever and effective way to get the attention of as many people as possible at an affordable price.

A perk of living in the technological era is that utilizing vehicle wraps for advertising and marketing purposes has become not only affordable, but the sky is literally the limit with creativity and color.

Check out what a marketing vehicle wrap can do for you:

  1. Advertisements on vehicle positively impact 74% of drivers according to the Interstate Advertising Corporation.
  2. The American Trucking Association suggests advertisements seen on vehicles in traffic produce over 600 observed influences for each mile traveled.
  3. The quality of vinyl car wrap graphics has improved so much over the years that wraps can often be mistaken for paint jobs.  Consequently, this makes your business look even more professional.
  4. Among various forms of advertising, car wrapping is one of the most affordable options. You get a lot of marketing and branding bang for your buck!
  5. According to a recent statistic, 95% of Americans have acknowledged receiving an impressionable inclination from a mobile marketing campaign of some form. Advertising vehicle wraps reach people on sidewalks, motorists, passengers, and just about anyone exposed to traffic- moving or otherwise.
  6. Advertisements on a marketing vehicle wrap lead 30% of people to make a purchase on what they have seen. Because vinyl vehicle wraps are not usually considered pushy advertising, people (your customers and prospects) find them more appealing.
  7. Memory recall is reliable after the average person sees something at least seven times. On the average day, a vehicle wrap has the potential to make 20,000 impressions based on the population of Decatur. This is because wraps advertise your business literally 24 hours a day, depending on where you travel or park!

If You Can Drive It, Green Light Graphics and Signs Can Wrap It

With a marketing vehicle wrap, you are turning your vehicle into a moving billboard in an affordable and memorable way.  And it doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you have. If you can drive it, we can wrap it. Call Green Light Graphics and Signs at 404-857-5790 to get a quote for your next marketing vehicle wrap.