What to Look for in the Most Effective Trade Show Banner Designs

trade show banner designsDid you know your trade show banner designs only have about three seconds to grab a customer’s attention? That’s right. You only have three seconds to catch and communicate your brand message to your potential client. And that’s while they’re busy walking past you on a trade show floor.

You see, customers can only know the information that’s displayed directly in front of them. They can’t read your mind. So, in other words, if your sign doesn’t say it, then your customers aren’t going to know it.

Three Things to Consider When Creating Quality Trade Show Banner Designs

When it comes to your trade show display, it’s important to keep these three key things in mind:

1. Understand How Your Display Will Complement Your Staff

The key to quality trade show banner designs is creating something that conveys what your company does in an easy-to-understand format. Oh, and it also needs to reach out and grab a customer’s attention as they’re strolling by. And while your sign doesn’t need to tell someone every little bit of information about your company, it should still draw people in and create a natural conversation-starter.

2. Make It Eye Catching

Remember that three-second rule we talked about earlier? Your banner needs to be eye-catching. Trade show banner designs need to be crisp, clear, and capable of drawing attention from across a gallery crowded with signage. Many businesses make the mistake of opting for small, simplistic designs. It’s a rookie move and a waste of marketing dollars. Tiny, basic signage quickly gets lost in the visual crowd noise on many a trade show floor. Act like a veteran and make sure your signage stands out from the crowd.

3. Consider the Location of Your Booth and the Layout of the Show

There are some basics when it comes to designing booths for trade shows. Everybody wants a clean, clear, uncluttered space that’s easy on the eyes. But to do that, you’ll need to create an area where your staff can interact with people, telling them all about your wonderful company. To create that space, you’ll need to be critical about where you put your signage. You don’t want your business’s name being blocked by your staff as they mingle. Rather, put your signage in a location that’s out of the way, easy to see, and is unlikely to be blocked by show goers.

Ready to Overhaul Your Next Trade Show Banner Designs?

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