Do You Have a Lobby Sign for Your Business? 4 Reasons You Could Be Missing the Boat

lobby sign for businessLet’s get serious for a second about your business and why you need a lobby sign for business to boom. We all want to feel welcome when we enter a business. What better way to welcome and familiarize your customers and/or clients than with lobby signs? The sign that is visible in your entry way as soon as visitors come through your doors is the first impression you can make. Having a lobby sign is a cost effective bonus to your public relationship with potential clients and/or customers visiting your business.

If you don’t have a lobby sign, here are 4 reasons you could be missing the marketing boat:

1. Customer’s Ease and Experience

Every business that wants to welcome its customers should strive to create the type of environment that sets the tone for the customer experience. What kind of tone or environment do you want to set for your business? Is your business fun and exciting? Or is your business serious and formal? How will your customers know what to expect if you don’t let them know right away? The perfect lobby sign, designed specifically by you, will set the tone perfectly and reflect your business to your customers and/or clients.

2. Identity and Separation

You business has an identity all its own and you want to separate yourself from the competition. Signs impact people, even more than a lot of business owners realize. For example, the major brand Pepsi is recognized by signs of its symbol alone. Signs inform and familiarize. People who see signs in businesses are more likely to remember their visit and return to the store for more.

3. Design and Emphasis

There is no over stressing the importance of your design as well as the emphasis of your business’s message. To increase familiarity, use the same logo on your business cards, letter head, signs, and other marketing tools. Logos, names, and familiar designs are a mighty jog to your customers’ memories. Even something as simple as a font or a color can do this. When you design and deploy beginning with a lobby sign, people will begin to remember you and your business. Creating a long-lasting, memorable impact is a key to success.

4. Location and Identification

People will not only remember your business more easily when you use a lobby sign, but they will identify it more easily as well. People need to know where they are, where to find you, as well as what you are offering them if they are to remember your business and return. What better way to help them out than with a carefully, tastefully, and creatively-placed lobby sign to greet them the moment they enter your business?

No matter what design and style you choose, a lobby sign is too important for your business to lose out on. Call Green Light Graphics and Signs at (404) 857-5790 to get a quote for your next lobby sign.