What Should I Know About Vehicle Wraps Before I Wrap a Car?

Wrap A CarIf you’re trying to wrap a car, there are a few tips you need to know to ensure success. Here’re the four things we recommend keeping in mind when giving it a try.

Tips for Applying a Vehicle Wrap

1. There’s No Such Thing as Too Clean When You Wrap a Car

The surface of the car is what the vinyl wrap is going to adhere to. So if there is even a speck of dirt on the outside, you’ll end up with bonding issues and design distortions.

You’ll want to wash the car thoroughly, drying it with lint free towels. Skip the wax. In fact, you’ll want to use a wax and grease remover when washing the car. Keep the car in an enclosed area with minimal dust, dirt, and drafts until you’re ready to wrap it.

2. Use the Good Stuff If You Want It to Last

Yes, there are materials out there that are cheaper than the standard. And you can get away with using flimsier vinyl and sub-par adhesive if your wrap doesn’t need to last more than a week or two in temperate weather.

But if you’re planning on keeping it around for a little while, or you’re going to be driving through extreme cold or heat, then opt for a more substantial material. Otherwise, your wrap will fade, bubble, and tear; a look that’s sure to cheapen your brand in a customer’s eyes.

3. Constant Temperature Is Your Friend When You Wrap a Car

If you live in Arizona, and it’s the middle of summer, your wrap’s life expectancy is going to be much shorter. Same story goes for those exposed to the Minnesota winter. But if you can help it, it’s best to keep the car stored in a temperature-controlled garage, especially for the first 24 hours after wrap application.

4. It’s Vinyl, Not Saran Wrap

As you’re applying individual sections, it might be tempting to stretch the vinyl to get a perfectly smooth and flawless bond. While a tiny bit of stretch is part of the process, over-doing it will cause damage and image distortion. Plus, the adhesive is applied to the vinyl in a certain proportion; stretching it thins the percentage of adhesive available to bond the wrap to your car, increasing the likelihood it’s going to peel.

Skip the Hassle and Let the Pros Help When You Want to Wrap a Car

Don’t bother trying to order a wrap online and apply it yourself. It’s not worth the trouble or the headaches. Instead, leverage the experts at Green Light Graphics. We have decades of experience designing eye-catching car wraps that will draw customer attention and highlight your business.

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