Why Businesses Love Full Truck Wraps (And You Should too!)

Full truck wrapsDid you know full truck wraps are one of the most versatile forms of marketing? It’s true. The appeal transcends industry, business size, and operational model. They’re a one-size-fits-all tool every company should have in its arsenal. And here’s the proof why that’s true.

Vehicle Wraps Work – Hard!

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America estimates that over 95% of Americans are reached by advertising targeting drivers and passengers. That’s almost everyone in the target demographic!

Let’s Back Up a Moment – What Are Full Truck Wraps?

At the most basic level, a truck wrap is a digitally printed mobile billboard applied directly to the surface of your vehicle. They can cover all of it (even Windows), or just a limited portion, and have the following attributes:
• Full color
• Bold graphics
• Eye-catching design
• Manufactured from heavy-duty vinyl

And, depending on the weather in your area, and how you store your truck, a vehicle wrap can last as many as five years.

How Much Do Full Truck Wraps Cost?

Well, it depends. A few factors determine overall cost including:
• Size of wrap
• Size of vehicle
• Design and image complexity
• Shape of truck
• Complexity of application

All that said, you’re looking at $1500 to $3000 for a marketing medium lasting as many as five years. That’s a daily cost as low as $0.82 a day, including installation!

But What If My Company Doesn’t Have a Big Fleet of Trucks?

No problem! Fortunately, full truck wraps are an advertising method that works for a business of just about any size. In fact, some might argue it lends an air of legitimacy to most small businesses since it places your brand logo and information on prominent public display. Because full truck wraps are a tool also leveraged by big companies, it gives your small business the feeling like it can compete with the big dogs.

Is There a Good Return on Investment (ROI) for Vehicle Wraps?

Yes, but it’s hard to peg an actual average. Partly the effectiveness will be based on how often your vehicle is on the road, what information is available to consumers at a glance, your overall wrap design, and how eye catching it is to people as it rolls by.

However, there are ways you can track and measure its effectiveness over time, allowing you to develop your own ROI.
• First of all, use a unique phone number, only available and advertised on your truck wrap. By tracking the calls coming in on that number, you can calculate how much of your call volume is derived from the vehicle.
• Also, you can advertise a special deal or discount, only available to customers if they claim to have seen the truck. Tracking the number of people who take advantage will help you gauge effectiveness.
• Finally, think about using vanity URLs or landing pages, and put the web address to those on your wrap. This is especially helpful if your business name and URL are normally long; vanity URLs can be short, easy to remember, and are easily tracked.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

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