How Do Custom Truck Wraps Work and Can They Work for Me?

custom truck wrapsCustom truck wraps, also known as vinyl car wraps or vinyl vehicle decals, are the perfect way to turn your business vehicle into a mobile advertising powerhouse. Technicians can apply these wraps directly over existing paint. And, technicians can easily remove the wrap if and when the need arises. As long as the technicians wash and dry the car prior to application, these wraps are quite durable and significantly cheaper than a custom paint job.

Types Of Custom Truck Wraps

There are a couple of styles of vinyl vehicle wraps available, and which one you select will likely be based on a combination of impact, graphic design, vehicle model, and overall budget. Here’s a brief description of the two options you can choose from:

  1. Partial car wraps. As the name would imply, this only covers a single segment of the vehicle, such as the middle or just the hood. Technicians can cut these wraps into custom shapes and styles, designed to best fit the aesthetic of both your brand imagery and your vehicle.
  2. Full car wraps. This generally covers the entire vehicle, and can include covering over the windows. Laws require a minimum of 50% visibility required for safety reasons.  Technicians can accomplish this by creating the illusion of full window coverage or by creating a design that includes blank window space as part of the overall aesthetic.

Are There Restrictions On The Type of Vehicle You Can Vinyl Wrap?

In short: not really. Just about any type of vehicle can be wrapped including all of the following:

  • Passenger sedans
  • Pickup trucks
  • Cargo vans
  • Food carts
  • Food Trucks
  • Sports utility vehicles
  • Semi-trucks
  • And more!

Do I Need To Design My Own Vehicle Wrap Image?

We get this question a lot, and while you can bring in a design you would like to use, the ultimate design will be finalized by our team. This is because we’ll be able to stretch an image, create a virtual rendering, and identify any areas where the image may become distorted by the car. You’ll have a chance to review and approve the art work throughout the process, so don’t worry. You’re going to love it!

How Long Should I Leave The Wrap On My Car Or Truck?

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Custom car and custom truck wraps are extremely durable, and can last you several years. Weather conditions, vehicle storage, and overall exposure to the elements will determine how long your decal stays looking good. Chances are you’ll want to switch things up long before it wears out on you.

Do Vehicle Wraps Really Work?

You bet! Custom truck wraps are some of the most cost effective advertising methods for creating overall impressions. Every time you’re out on the road, your brand is being seen by hundreds, even thousands, of potential customers. When you amortize the one-time cost of the custom truck wraps over a multi-year lifespan of customer views, you’re talking as little as a fraction of $0.01 per impression.

Interested in Learning More about Custom Truck Wraps?

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