3 Tips for Getting the Most from Your Custom Trade Show Banner

custom trade show bannerWhen it comes to an effective custom trade show banner, it is go big or go home, because quite literally everyone else at the event is competing for the wow factor. The last thing you want is poor quality or an underwhelming banner to dull your competitive edge. A high quality custom trade show banner will set you apart from the crowd and bring in the high traffic you are seeking. After all, you are there to talk to people and introduce your business…not just to show up and be a wallflower.

It is easy to succumb to the temptation of cutting corners and going cheap with your banner; however, this really isn’t a good idea, because as the saying goes: “you get what you pay for.” Still you can create a well-performing custom trade show banner that is effective without breaking the bank.

Some important factors to consider when creating the best custom trade show banner include:

  • You have only a handful of precious seconds to grab attention from the people passing by; so, make your banner stand-out with color, lettering and wording.
  • Over 80% of attendees will say that trade shows increase their awareness of new products and businesses they weren’t previously aware of; so, it is worth the effort to make the most of this opportunity.
  • A colorful and memorable display can provide helpful recall of attendees by over 20%. What business wouldn’t like getting 20% more recall from their prospects?

So by now it’s quite clear that you have a big opportunity before you with your tradeshow banner. Armed with this information, consider the following tips for making the most of your custom trade show banner:

1. Don’t go cheap with the banner material.

You want a banner you can actually use more than once and one that will withstand the elements as well as continual set up and break down of the display. You prepare for the day of the event, booth set-up, and game plan for the unexpected, so your banner should be no different.

A cheaply made and quickly thrown together banner not only wilts under pressure, but it also sets the tone for your booth, thus, making it a vital part of your trade show front. If your banner is cheap, not only does it last for a short time, but people may assume the same about your investments in your business.

2. Go bold, simple and clean with the graphics.

Keep it bold; keep it simple; keep it clear, but also keep it creative. You want people to be drawn in by your banner, not so mesmerized by it that they can’t engage with what you need to tell them about your business. It’s tempting to put as much as you can on your banner, but try to resist.

Remember: You want to draw them in to talk to you, not distract them away from engaging with you. You can say whatever you need to when they come over; so, use your banner as a way to create interest and intrigue, so they will want to approach yoru booth to learn more.

3. Make it memorable.

You have no more than five seconds to catch the attention of passer-byers. For each design you come up with, for each idea, take five long seconds to try to absorb what you want others to “get” from your design. Put what is required on the banner to grab their attention and leave out the rest. Go for a creative and memorable design, but simple at the same time so not to overwhelm with too many words, colors or graphics.

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