Looking for a Price Friendly Sign? Corrugated Plastic Signs Love Your Budget!

corrugated plastic signsIf you are seeking advertising options that don’t break the bank, corrugated plastic signs may be just what you need. Let’s face it—if you are running your own business or are marketing something for any reason, you very likely have a budget to which you need to stick quite closely. While you may be frustrated to find that many advertising options are outside of what you can afford, corrugated plastic signs can come in as a saving grace for your budget.

You may be wondering, what are corrugated plastic signs anyway? Here are some fast facts:

  • Most yard signs are made with corrugated plastic.
  • It is a lightweight and very durable form of plastic.
  • A corrugated plastic sign works for both indoors and outdoors.
  • Corrugated plastic is waterproof, making it great for any season or climate.
  • Many of the signs you see when out and about on the town are made of corrugated plastic, including political signs, real estate signs, event signs, and contractor signs.

Now that you know what corrugated plastic is, here are some of the benefits of using it for your next sign:

Location Is Everything When It Comes to Corrugated Plastic Signs

Corrugated plastic signs can be placed pretty much anywhere quickly and easily. Wire them to a fence – it takes less than ten seconds to push signs with staking wires into the ground and attach them to numerous eye-catching spots such as frequently-traveled street corners and even front yards.

Customization Is Easy

You choose what goes on your sign. Design something yourself, or give a copy of your logo to the graphic printing company. You can do what you want with colors and sizes—the sky’s the limit with creativity.

Replacement Costs Are Minimal

Printing what you need on durable weatherproof plastic significantly cuts down on replacement costs. Anything to make your budget stretch further is a great option!

Exposure Can’t Beat You

The ink used for corrugated plastic signs is designed to withstand prolonged outdoor exposure. Come rain, snow or wind—your sign should stay looking new for a long time.

Not Just for Business

In addition to business needs, corrugated plastic signs also work well for elections and campaigns, weddings, birthday parties, graduations and other events, yard sales, and anything else you may need to pair with a sign.

Sized Right for Any Need

We all want to be as big and loud as we can be to make a memorable statement and to get attention for our product, service or business. The various sizes and shapes available in corrugated plastic signs enable you to get the message out in the size and shape that is best for you. Being able to access variety in sign features helps when it comes to creating the right sign to meet your needs. Perhaps you don’t need a big sign but need one on the smaller side. The flexible options in sizes help to create exactly what you need for your business and marketing purposes.

Affordability, flexibility and the ability to customize make corrugated plastic signs a great choice for your signage needs. Call Green Light Graphics and Signs at (404) 857-5790 to get a quote for your next corrugated plastic signs.