What Should I Know About Vehicle Wraps Before I Wrap a Car?

If you’re trying to wrap a car, there are a few tips you need to know to ensure success. Here’re the four things we recommend keeping in mind when giving it a try. Tips for Applying a Vehicle Wrap 1. There’s No Such Thing as Too Clean When You Wrap a Car The surface of Read More

Best Advertising Tips for Box Truck Wraps

Leveraging box truck wraps can be a vital part of any company’s marketing and branding strategy. Whatever ends up on your truck fleet should be a natural extension of the business itself, reflecting your particular style and industry. However, it takes more than a simple wrap application to get the job done right. To really Read More

How Long Do Vehicle Body Wraps Last?

When done right, vehicle body wraps can last a long, long time. In fact, it’s not unheard of for a wrap to last several years. And while they are one of the most cost-effective forms advertising available to a small business today, they still represent a sizable investment. So here are a few tips on how Read More

How the Right Vehicle Advertising Wrap Could Change Your Business for the Better

Have you been wondering about the effectiveness of a vehicle advertising wrap? You’ve probably seen versions all over town, highlighting services from construction to plumbing to custom cupcakes. But are they really worth the money? In short: YES! Statistics on the Effectiveness of  a Vehicle Advertising Wrap As the designer and installer of vehicle wraps, Read More

Who Designs a Custom Vehicle Wrap for My Business?

As a savvy business owner, you’ve probably already looked into how a custom vehicle wrap can benefit your business. Now you’re here because you want to know who can help you design your very own custom vehicle wrap. Having the right business create your custom vehicle wrap will ensure you get the product you desire Read More