What Is the Best Vehicle Wrap for the Biggest Impact?

Best Vehicle WrapWhen it comes to creating the best vehicle wrap, there isn’t a one-size fit all pattern you can copy and paste. However, there are a few design principles you can keep in mind to create a winning design for your business.

Understand What Your Customer Wants

Many people view designs with an eye to what they find appealing. However, their personal taste may not match their business’s target market. In these instances, they really, really like the design, but they find it doesn’t convert the way they thought it would.

Remember: Always put yourself in your customer’s frame of mind when reviewing advertising.

For the Best Vehicle Wrap:  Poll a Customer, Not a Friend

This rule is related to the first one we just covered. When seeking design feedback, you should be asking your customers what they think. Preferably, ask your best customers who drive the most business.

The reason? If they like it, other people like them will like it as well. And when you’re designing marketing material, you don’t just want to attract any old customer; you want to attract the profitable ones. So ask some of your top clients what they think and take their feedback to heart. Following this rule will get you the best vehicle wrap.

You Only Have Three Second to Convey Your Message

Graphic pop and clarity are the keys to winning the best vehicle wrap game. Your design should control where the eye flows and communicate all necessary information in just a blink or two of an eye.

Sound hard? It is. You should engage professional help when designing a vehicle wrap. That way, you ensure the wrap is designed for the vehicle in question, and with an eye to be easily spotted and read from a distance.

Also, don’t fall victim to bright colors and shiny applications…unless they fit with your brand or industry. Yes, bright colors are eye-catching, but they aren’t always appropriate for, say, a plumber.

And while metallic might look cool, they can be difficult to read once the light hits them. Since the purpose of the advertisement is for people to be able to read about your company in just a few seconds, making it even more challenging is nothing but a waste of money.

How You Wrap It Depends on the Vehicle

The base car you’re wrapping will influence the design itself in subtle ways. First, the vehicle dictates how much advertising space you have to work with. Second, there is an inherent “attitude” associated with individual cars. Use it to your advantage.

Need an example? If you’re starting out with a VW beetle, your design shouldn’t try to advertise something tough and rugged. The design of the car itself is just too cute. Stick to colors and imagery in the same (or a complimentary) genre to get the best vehicle wraps.

Need a Custom Design for Your Business?

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