Best Advertising Tips for Box Truck Wraps

box truck wrapsLeveraging box truck wraps can be a vital part of any company’s marketing and branding strategy. Whatever ends up on your truck fleet should be a natural extension of the business itself, reflecting your particular style and industry.

However, it takes more than a simple wrap application to get the job done right. To really nail your company’s flair, you need to work with a team who understands both the advertising medium (translation: your box truck) and with a track record of producing truck signage capable of delivering meaningful results. Get the most out of your box truck wraps with these tips.

Branding = Benjamins

We’re not talking Nike here, folks. When it comes to small and medium-sized businesses, your brand should be primarily focused on your company’s message. What do you do? How can someone reach you? And why are you better than the competition? These should all be easy to identify on your box truck wraps and readily associated with your company name and logo.

Photos Suck. Period.

Ok, I might be exaggerating on this one. Yes, photos CAN be used successfully in a wrap design. However, more often than not, it simply distracts from point number one: your brand. Photos are eye-catching, sure. But they are also busy and distracting.

Think about it like this: would you rather have someone remember your company name and phone number, or simply remember some bearded guy’s face that drove by them on the freeway?

Thought so.

Just Because You Have Space Doesn’t Mean You Should Use It

This is also known as “whitespace.” Sometimes the tendency is to cram as much information and detail into an open area as possible, but this is one of the worst sins you can commit in advertising! A large quantity of information crammed into a limited space leads to eye fatigue and makes it difficult to visually lead the person where you want them to go. This is especially true when your advertising medium might be flying down the highway and you have a maximum of five seconds to get your point across.

Less is more, people!

Box Truck Wraps Stand Out from the Crowd

Your advertising goal should always be to get noticed. And to accomplish that, you can’t just copy the competition. You need to choose an option that’s bold and sets you apart from your counterparts. Think: clean, impactful, readable. Sometimes this means being super-minimalist in a land cluttered with imagery. Or sometimes it means using light-reflective materials that seem to glow in the dark when struck by headlights. Whatever the approach, the goal is the same: be seen and stand apart from the crowd. You can reach that goal with custom designed box truck wraps.

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