Promoting Your Business? Secrets From The Best Atlanta Sign Shops

Atlanta Sign Shops

Atlanta sign shops have seen just about every business marketing trick in the book. Most small companies are interested in getting phones ringing and doors swinging, but they aren’t quite sure where to start. Here are some of the most successful tactics Atlanta sign shops have seen over the years.

Five Tactics From The Best Atlanta Sign Shops

  1.  Use Traditional Signage To Drive Traffic

Are we biased? Maybe just a little. But if you’re in a high traffic area, signs and window displays are still the most promising tool for driving passersby to stop and shop a bit. You need signs designed to attract attention from a distance, generate interest, and spur action. Colorful, intriguing, legible, and powerful are the names of the game. Whether it’s banners, sandwich boards, towable billboards, car wraps, or custom window graphics, the most successful Atlanta sign shops make sure they’re high impact.

  1. Stage A Big Stunt To Attract Attention

The best Atlanta sign shops recommend you think newsworthy. Plan anything interesting that will get the press out to your location and give you a bit of free airtime and publicity. It could be a contest, a workshop with a well-known speaker, or even an attempt at a world record. Before you scoff, wouldn’t it be awesome if your shoe store tried to break the world record for Red Rover? Thought so.

  1. Plan A Grand Re-opening Or Unveiling

Yes, it sounds a bit cheesy; but, this one is related to staging a big stunt. You want something people are going to talk to their friends about and make them excited to give you another try. A total interior re-design is a perfect reason, as is launching a new and spectacular thing-a-ma-jig.

  1. Go With Gamification, Get More Customers

The best Atlanta sign shops encourage you to entice the customers to interact with your store in new and exciting ways. The McDonald’s Monopoly game is a perfect example. You get to pull a tab and see if you won after buying/upsizing your order. Whether your prize is free merchandise or a discount off the next purchase, gamification plays on the time-honored lottery tradition and gives customers a great shot of dopamine straight to the brain.

  1. Play on Your Customers’ Creativity (and Vanity)

One of the best Doritos Super Bowl commercials of all time was the result of a customer contest. Doritos bought the airtime and put together a decent little prize package, then sat back and watched their numerous fans (and even many non-fans) create some of the best commercials they’d ever seen. The total cost to them was a pittance compared to the news coverage, engagement, and excitement generated by the contest. Plus, people who had never even tried Doritos gave them a shot… all to win the “big” prize.

Need A Little Help Promoting Your Business With Signs?

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