What Is a 3M Preferred Installer?

3m preferred installerIf you’ve been researching graphics, you’ve likely come across the term 3M preferred installer. What this means is a graphic installer is specially certified and has above and beyond knowledge and skills in graphic design installation. The graphic installer with this qualification goes through an extensive learning process leading up to a certification test and must pass the test to receive this designation. Choosing a 3M preferred installer to place your vinyl wraps and other signage means you are going with the best of the best and can trust their workmanship.

What is involved in the 3M preferred installer training and testing?

The installer test is based on performance and has both a written section and hands-on section. The test serves the purpose of assessing the installer’s knowledge and skills as they pertain to a wide range of situations an installer may encounter. It is an intense test that not everyone can pass, especially if they do not go through excessive training and preparation before they take the test.

The two main categories for the 3M test consist of a written portion and a hands-on portion:

  • Written Portion

This part of the 3M test requires specific, extensive knowledge of 3M films as well as of their installation techniques, tools, and materials used for installing graphics.

  • Hands-On Portion

In addition to passing a written test, the 3M preferred installer candidates must prove they can perform exceptional hands-on work. Installing graphics is not an extremely difficult thing to do. However, finesse and technical detail needs to be part of the installer’s professional ability.

Additionally, the instructors train the candidates to detect and assess potential issues like wrinkles and excessive air bubbles. The instructors judge the hands-on portion of the 3M test critically for quality show work. Additionally, installers need to know how to install multiple kinds of films, sheets, etc. This test requires installers to be able to apply graphics to multiple surfaces, including those with curved areas and rivets. The instructors also judge the installers on proper tool usage.

Scoring for this certification offers a possibility of receiving 100 points. The instructors deduct points for problems like flaws, bubbles, wrinkles, or taking too long to finish an installation. A score of 80% or higher passes for both the written and hands-on portion of the certification test.

Why is a 3M Preferred Installer the right choice for your vehicle wrap projects?

The 3M Preferred Installer certification includes:

  • Passing both written and hands-on test with an 80% or higher shows that the installer has a high level of knowledge and ability.
  • Carrying liability insurance means that you are protected if there is a mistake or accident.
  • Measuring up to business specifications means you can have peace of mind and can trust the workmanship.
  • Guaranteeing responsibility to make sure employees follow all the right policies, procedures, and requirements for graphics installation.

3M preferred installers go through extensive training, testing, and certification. This training makes them the best they can be in the graphics installation field. If you are looking for graphics installation services, it is a smart decision to hire a 3M preferred installer. Not only do 3M preferred installers have considerable skill, but they also have solid professional practices you can trust.

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